Employer-supported Volunteerism

Canada is beginning to see an important rising trend concerning employer-supported volunteerism. Nationally, companies are advising and encouraging their employees to be active humanitarians within their communities.

When a company supports employee volunteerism, it sends a clear and significant message to the community that they are aware of its needs. It also creates fosters a team mentality in the work environment. When employees take active voluntary roles in the community, they increase staff moral, bring attention to their business or company, and feel a sense of pride for their workplace.

At Cassellholme there are many opportunities for local companies or businesses to donate their time. Donations are always appreciated, but the gift of your time is also needed. Groups of employees or individuals can donate their time to help the seniors actively participate in recreational programming, providing comfortable dining experiences, and by becoming one-to-one visitors for residents in need.

Cassellholme offers many opportunities to suit the needs and wants of the residents and the volunteers.

Call today to learn more about this exciting initiative. Let’s work together and really make a difference.

For more information please contact the Cassellholme Volunteer Coordinator at 474-4250 ext. 223.

Volunteer Services

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