Mission Values and Vision

Mission Statement

Cassellholme provides a broad range of services focused on the well-being of people in East Nipissing who need:

  • Long Term Care,
  • Community Support Services (district wide), and
  • Seniors Housing

 Vision Statement

Cassellholme strives to improve the quality of life of the people it serves in a safe and healthy environment.

It will be recognized as a Centre of Excellence through its expertise and research in all aspects of its services.

Cassellholme, in collaboration with its community partners, will be recognized as a leader in the on-going development of an effective system of services in East Nipissing

Values Statement

People focused care

  • Provide for the well-being of the community we serve
  • Recognize and respect individual needs

Quality care/excellence

  • Highest quality of care
  • Staff aspire to excellence

Responsibility and Accountability

  • Efficient and effective use of time and resources
  • We are accountable, in an ethical manner, to all involved.


  • We believe in and respect uniqueness, diversity and dignity of each person. We treat each other with honesty and compassion

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