Residents and Families

Family Council

Cassellholme residents are looking for you to join the Family Council! 


Long-Term Care Homes are required, per the Act, to encourage families and persons of importance to residents, to participate in a Family Council.

The Family Council is an organized, self-led and directed group, composed of family members and friends of residents.

As a member of the Family Council, you have the ability to provide assistance, information and advice to residents, family members and friends of residents, as well as support and plan activities for residents. The Council will also advise the Home of any concerns or recommendations the Council has regarding the operation of the Home.

Meetings are held once a month, during the 1st week, in the Cassellholme Garden Room  

Watch for dates and times to be posted throughout the building and advertised on the Front Lobby TV. 

If you would like to join the Family Council or would like more information, please contact:

Jillian Marchand, Resident Support Coordinator

Tel:  705-474-4250 ext. 311 or Email her at

Monthly Activity Calendar


Cassellholme provides different levels of care based on the particular needs of the individual.  All rooms are private or semi-private with ensuite washrooms. Space permitting, you are welcome to bring your own furnishings to add colour and a personal touch to your room (for example, hi-boy dressers, chairs, lamps, pictures, bedspreads, and other mementos).

A bedside table and chair are provided along with bedding and linen. Adjustable beds are provided based on residents’ needs. Bedrails are available, if required.

Residents may be moved to another room within Cassellholme. The priorities used to determine room changes are:

  1. Safety considerations,
  2. Resident care needs,
  3. Ability to pay for preferred accommodation, and
  4. Resident preference.

Requests for room changes are recorded by the Resident Services Coordinator and can be made at any time following admission. When a Cassellholme bed is available, the needs of Cassellholme residents on this internal waiting list are satisfied prior to the bed being offered to the community for admission. Clinical Services approves all resident transfers.


Financial Information

Accommodation costs are determined by the Ministry of Health. A financial income assessment is completed for each person based on his or her Annual Notice of Assessment from Revenue Canada. 

Preferred accommodation fees will be charged for private rooms and some designated semi-private rooms.

The General Store at Cassellholme offers a Personal Safekeeping Account (trust account).  Interest is paid on trust accounts at a rate similar to banks. There are no charges for services provided. 

Deposits or withdrawals may be made from these accounts Monday through Friday.  Any withdrawals over $100.00 are issued in the form of a cheque with a 24 hours notice required.


Casual Leave

Casual Leaves of Absence of up to forty-eight (48) hours per week are available to residents in long-term care facilities. Casual Leaves are permitted throughout the year regardless of vacation or other medical leaves taken. Casual Leaves are considered separate from medical and vacation leaves. Consent for casual leaves are obtained on admission as part of the Admission Agreement.


Medical Leave

A resident’s condition may change requiring assessment or treatment in a hospital. If this occurs, a Medical Leave of Absence in a hospital for up to twenty-one (21) days is available to the resident. (Use of Medical Leave does not reduce the resident’s available casual or vacation leave days.) Authorization by the resident’s physician is required for all Medical Leaves.

If a resident is not well enough to return to Cassellholme after the twenty-one (21) days, the resident or his/her next-of-kin will have to authorize payment for holding the bed (at the full rate) or else accept discharge. Priority is given to former residents by Near North Community Care Access Centre when it comes to a former resident’s readmission.


Psychiatric Leave

A Psychiatric Leave in a hospital for up to forty-five (45) days at a time is available to residents of Cassellholme for the purpose of assessment, treatment and stabilization of a resident’s psychiatric status. The use of psychiatric leave days does not reduce a resident’s available casual or vacation leave days.

If the resident’s condition or care needs require absence from Cassellholme beyond the available leave and bed holding is not authorized, the resident must be discharged from Cassellholme.


Bed Holding

Residents may hold a bed for a maximum of thirty (30) days in addition to the specific medical or psychiatric leave days available. The resident or his/her Power of Attorney assumes responsibility for the full per diem cost (resident rate plus Ministry funding) and any other charges and services previously authorized, such as preferred accommodation for the length of time the bed is held. A signed agreement is needed to authorize this arrangement.


Vacation Leave

A Vacation Leave of Absence of up to twenty-one (21) days a year is available to residents of long-term care facilities. For residents who enter Cassellholme during the calendar year, the available vacation days are calculated as follows:

  • Three (3) days vacation leave following the first full calendar month of admission
  • One and a half (1½) days vacation leave for each of the next ten calendar months, following the first full calendar month of admission.
  • Three (3) days vacation leave following the 12th full calendar month of admission


Clinical Services


Good communication is an important part of the treatment and caring process. To keep everyone informed, it is important to select one responsible member of your family, or a close friend, to act as your spokesperson.

Nursing staff are appreciative of the role of the family in the care of residents.  We are committed to keeping families informed of changes in the condition of the residents.  As a result of this commitment, families can expect to be notified of falls, etc. and are encouraged to call or visit at any time to discuss the health status of their loved one.

Residents who require assistance from family members can assign a Power of Attorney (POA) to the role of caregiver/spokesperson upon admission. Caregivers/spokespersons must comply with requests to leave the resident during treatment and care by staff (eg. dressing changes, status checks, etc.)


Nursing & Personal Care Services

As members of the Multidisciplinary Team, all staff at Cassellholme are committed to enhancing the quality of life for residents.

Planning for each resident’s care is coordinated by a Multidisciplinary Health Care Team.  This team is made up of the resident’s physician, nurses and direct care staff, nutrition & food service, housekeeping, activities, restorative physiotherapists and pastoral personnel.

Shortly after the resident is admitted to Cassellholme, the Multidisciplinary Health Care Team meets with the family and resident to develop and evaluate the plan of care.  All available information is presented at this time, including social history, diagnosis, expectations of the resident family, and outside community interests. 

Care conferences are then held annually, or as requested. The care plan is updated on a regular basis throughout the year. Should you be unable to attend the care conference a telephone conference can be arranged. 

The Clinical Services department provides caregivers at the Personal Support Worker (PSW) level whose primary responsibility is to provide for the activities of daily living (bathing, providing nourishment, etc.). 

Registered Practical Nurses (R.P.N.’s) are on duty 24 hours a day and are responsible for the administration of prescribed medications and treatments. They may also carry out other professional nursing duties, within their scope of practice, as required.

Registered Nurses (R.N.’s) are on duty 24 hours a day.  Any visitor or resident may request, through any staff, to meet with the R.N.

Please be advised that Cassellholme is an equal opportunity employer and as such care may be delivered by an opposite gender caregiver.

The nursing staff work closely with North Bay’s medical community. Residents have the option of retaining their own family physician, if the physician has a contract with Cassellholme, or may choose to have the Home’s Medical Director assume responsibility for medical care and treatment.



All medications are supplied by an accredited pharmacy. Only Registered Nurses and Registered Practical Nurses are allowed to administer medications. Blister-packed medications are used at Cassellholme for resident safety.  Medications cannot be kept at bedside without a doctor's order.


Wheelchairs/Walkers/Specialized​ Equipment


ellholme has a limited number of wheelchairs, walkers and geriatric chairs. Most have been donated to Cassellholme. Because of different sizes and options available in walkers and chairs, a specifically prescribed assistive device is best for the resident who requires it daily.

When residents require specialized equipment such as oxygen therapy, wheelchairs or specialized seating, the family or resident choose the provider. The contract for services is between the resident and the company that they choose.

The Ontario Assistive Devices Program is currently available to help those who qualify with the purchase of equipment. In order to utilize this program, an assessment by a physiotherapist is required and additional charges may apply. Cassellholme cannot supply chairs and walkers to residents on a permanent basis. Cassellholme walkers, wheelchairs and geriatric chairs are loaned to residents, under the following circumstances:

  • As a tester, so the resident may have a chance to try the equipment prior to purchase;
  • As a loaner, to be used when the resident’s own equipment is being repaired; and
  • As a trainer, when the equipment has been identified as being needed for only a short period of time.

Infection Control

Hand washing is the single most important factor in preventing the spread of infection.

Use of the alcohol-based hand sanitizer is strongly encouraged to be used on entry and exit of the building. They are located at the elevators and Nursing Stations.

Residents who feel unwell are asked to inform the nurse immediately.  In an effort to control the spread of infection and protect the health of our residents, if a visitor is feeling unwell, we ask that he or she reschedule their visit. If there are a number of residents who are ill, Cassellholme works with the North Bay District Health Unit and takes appropriate actions to reduce the spread of infection. An illness “Outbreak” may be declared. This may require the cancellation of home-wide activities and restrictions on visiting. Notices of the presence of certain infections will be posted on all entrance doors to inform visitors of illness outbreaks and restrictions on visiting.

The operation of a humidifier/vaporizer, either hot or cool mist, is not generally permitted. 

Pets are not permitted in the dining rooms immediately before or during the service of meals or snacks.


Escorts to Appointments or Visits Outside of the Facility

The medical community has insisted that an individual, able to provide hands on care and stay for the duration of the appointment or treatment, escort the resident. 

Therefore, should the family be unable to provide for the resident’s care needs; arrangements can be made through the Unit Support Assistant on the unit for a community service provider at the established rate with charges being the resident’s responsibility according to the Cassellholme Companion Policy.


Foot Care

New residents have a nursing assessment of their feet on admission. Each resident’s basic foot care needs are assessed and cared for by the staff as required as part of routine care.

Basic foot care will include the following non-invasive measures: assessment, identification of infection, injury and other problems, and care of the skin and nails.

Advanced foot care will be provided only by chiropodists, podiatrists or qualified registered nursing personnel. This latter care will be done on a fee-for-service basis arranged by the resident or his/her Power of Attorney.

Please contact the Unit Support Assistant on your unit for the names of an advanced Foot Care provider.

Support Services

Housekeeping, Laundry, Nutrition & Food, Maintenance



The Housekeeping staff takes pride in maintaining a safe, clean and tidy environment for your comfort. 

All clothing should be washable. It is suggested that each resident have at least seven (7) changes of clothing, both night and day wear. Staff launder and deliver personal clothing to resident rooms.

The service also includes labeling personal belongings (clothing, slippers, shoes, personal linens, bedspreads and comforters) with resident name immediately upon admission. There is no charge for this service. Items received as gifts should also be labeled before being worn or used or put into the closet.

If families choose to do laundry at home, all of the clothes must be labeled. If residents wish to do their own laundry, washers, dryers, irons and ironing boards are located on each floor. Items that need to be dry-cleaned can be sent to a local business, upon request, at resident expense.

If any resident clothing or personal items go missing, please contact the RN Supervisor or the Supervisor of Support Services.

PLEASE REMEMBER:  If you are giving a gift of clothing or personal bed linens to a resident, please speak to Reception to arrange to have these gifts labled by Cassellholme Laundry staff prior to presenting them to your loved one.  Proper labeling will ensure that these precious gifts are not lost or misplaced.

Nutrition & Food Services

The Nutrition & Food Service Staff prepare, cook and serve over 275,000 nutritious meals annually for our residents and community clients. Menus are developed by qualified dietitians and meet the therapeutic and texture modification needs of our residents.

Daily and weekly meal time menus are posted outside each dining room. Choices are offered at breakfast, lunch and supper.

Nutritious snacks are provided between meals and before bedtime. Resident’s may access Kitchenettes for beverages, etc. Family members are welcome to enjoy a meal with residents. Meal tickets can be purchased at the General Store.

The Dietitian sees all residents on admission and develops a personalized nutritional care plan. Each resident’s nutritional care plan is reviewed quarterly by the Dietitian or Food Service Supervisor.

The Resident Council reviews the menus, meal and snack times. The Council allows for positive changes to be made to meal service and to ensure resident satisfaction. The goal is to provide a pleasant, homelike atmosphere during mealtimes.

Residents and family members are encouraged to join the Food Committee and share their comments and ideas. The Food Committee meets twice a year to plan and review the Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter menu cycles.



All electrical, plumbing, heating and other maintenance problems, which occur within Cassellholme, should be reported to the Unit Support Assistant as soon as they are noticed. The Maintenance staff will assess of the problem as soon as possible. Cassellholme has a comprehensive routine and preventative maintenance plan.

Safety is of prime concern. When resident appliances are not working, maintenance staff may help to assess the problem and may do minor repairs at the expense of the resident, as time permits.

Resident Services


Our volunteer’s contribution in enriching the lives of residents at Cassellholme cannot be overemphasized.  Volunteers are here to enhance the quality of life and to support services to the residents. Besides giving individual attention to residents, volunteers help create a pleasant atmosphere and assist residents to and from activities.  Families and friends are welcomed and encouraged to volunteer. 

For more information on these exciting opportunities, please contact the Volunteer Coordinator.


A wide range of recreational activities are offered.  Activities include; fun and fitness, cards, musical performances, knitting, quiz’s, trivia and shopping.  While we encourage participation, we respect resident choice.

To keep you and your family informed, there are daily bulletin boards on the units and monthly activity calendars available by the General Store.

Restorative Therapy

Programs are designed to meet individual needs and interests.  Referrals to professional services, such as physiotherapy and occupation therapy are arranged as required. 

In house restorative therapists work with the professionals to develop and provide individual therapy programs. (eg. speech & swallowing, dressing, ADL’s)


Pastoral Care Program

The Pastoral Care Advisory Committee consists of members of various faith groups and provides support and advice to our Pastoral Care Coordinator in the provision of worship services and pastoral care at Cassellholme.

Regular church services for all denominations are conducted in the Chapel. Mass is offered in the auditorium/chapel every Saturday at 10:00 a.m. with Protestant services Sundays at 2:00 p.m. Alternative arrangements may be made for residents to attend the church of their choice. 

Volunteers provide Bible Study, Hymn Sing and Rosary on a weekly basis.  Memorial services are also held three times per year to remember those who have passed away. 

In situations when death is expected, residents often want to stay in their own room at Cassellholme rather than be sent to the hospital. Staff are trained and very skilled in providing good palliative care. Families and clergy are free to visit whenever they wish and extra volunteer support can be arranged. An informative booklet is provided for family members to assist with their understanding and preparation for the dying process. Cassellholme provides a room that can be reserved for family to stay 24 hours.

General Information

What to do if you have a concern

If there is a matter of concern, that you would like to discuss, please follow the suggestions listed below:

  1. First, contact the RN Supervisor on your unit. 
  2. If the matter is not solved to your satisfaction, contact the Director of Clinical Services.
  3. The Family Council is available to act on your behalf as well.
  4. Other avenues for resolving issues include contacting the Administrator, the Associate Administrator the Board of the Home, the Ministry of Long Term Care Area Office, and other Ministry of Health Offices are also available to assist you. The names, addresses and telephone numbers of these organizations are posted throughout the Home.

Protecting the Privacy of Your Personal Health Informati



t Cassellholme, we recognize that the health information of our residents deserves to be treated with respect and sensitivity and that our residents’ privacy must be protected. We collect your personal health information from you directly or from the person acting on your behalf. The personal health information we collect may include your name, date of birth, address, health & history.

Occasionally, we collect personal health information about you from other sources if we have obtained your consent to do so or if the law permits.

We use your personal health information for the following purposes:

  • To provide the care and treatment you receive while a resident at Cassellholme

  • To obtain payment for your accommodations and care

  • To plan, administer, manage and improve our internal operations

  • To conduct risk management and quality improvement activities including completing resident satisfaction surveys (written and phone)

  • Compile statistics

  • Ask for support to improve our health care services and programs

  • Comply with legal and regulatory requirements

We disclose/share your personal health information on a need to know basis with:

  • Our staff who need to know to provide your care, including physicians, nurses, technicians, therapists, and other health care professionals.

  • Other health care providers who are not our employees but may be required to assist in providing your health care once you are no longer a resident at Cassellholme. These may include:

Health care practitioners and groups of health care practitioners, public hospitals, pharmacies, laboratories, ambulance services, community care access corporations, community service providers, psychiatric facilities, independent health facilities, rest homes, nursing homes, care homes and homes for special care and community health or mental health centers, programs and services whose primary purposes are providing health care.

We commit to:

  • Taking steps to protect your personal health information from theft, loss and unauthorized access, copying, modification, use, disclosure and disposal.

  • Monitoring and managing our privacy compliance.

  • Taking steps to ensure that everyone who performs services for us protects your privacy and only uses your personal health information for the purposes you have consented to.

  • Asking your permission before disclosing any of your information for purposes not related directly to your care (eg. insurance companies, lawyers, etc.) unless otherwise required by law.

You have the right to:

  • Withdraw your consent for some of the above uses and disclosures by contacting us.

  • Providing you with access to and the opportunity to request corrections to your personal health information.

Evaluating Services

There are suggestion boxes on each of the units so that residents and families can comment on the programs and services on a regular basis.

From time to time, residents and their families have an opportunity to evaluate the services at Cassellholme by completing a satisfaction survey. 

Resident Responsibilities

It is the responsibility of those living at Cassellholme to treat all persons with whom they come in contact, with the same courtesy, kindness and respect they wish for themselve







Cassellholme is committed to ensuring a positive atmosphere for both residents and staff by endeavoring to ensure that each individual’s human rights and personal dignities are respected. Physical or verbal abuse of a resident is not tolerated under any circumstance. If you or your next-of-kin witness an incident, which might be defined as abusive, it is your responsibility to inform the RN Supervisor or other senior staff member about it, as soon as possible. (See  Resident Bill of Rights)

Resident Outings Registry

All Nursing Stations have a Resident Outings Registry binder secured to the top counter. Family members and friends are asked to utilize this book whenever a resident leaves the building.

When a resident is returned to the Home, the time of return must be entered on the sheet.  This registry will be used as a quick reference to verify a resident’s outing.

Resident Unit Meetings

Monthly Residents' Unit meetings give residents and families an opportunity to raise issues, express concerns and receive information regarding new policies and procedures to be shared.

The unit meeting also provides a chance for residents and their families to ensure ongoing input into the operation of the Home and their


Cassellholme is a member of the Ontario Association of Residents' Councils which addresses issues of concern to residents, make suggestions to the Ministry of Health & Long Term Care and to assist with proposals for change.

Family Council

Family Council is a group of family members and friends of residents at Cassellholme that meet on a regular basis to voice any opinions and concerns, educate, advocate, share experiences, and to receive support.

If you would like more information about our Family Council, or would like to become a member, please contact the Resident Services Coordinator at Cassellholme.

Legal Documents

If a lawyer or other business advisor is coming to Cassellholme to do business with a resident who does not have a private room, please contact the Unit Support Assistant in order to have a room available for private consultation.

Staff are not permitted to witness legal documents, even at the request of a lawyer or other visitor. All such matters must be referred to the Administrator.

Charitable Donations

As a non-profit facility, Cassellholme is most grateful for donations. These can be in the form of funds or gifts-in-kind. Cassellholme Foundation is the not-for-profit organization dedicated solely to receiving, managing and dispensing monies and other donated gifts. With limited public funding available to facilities like Cassellholme, donations to the Cassellholme Foundation support and enrich programs and property for the benefit of all Cassellholme residents and their families.




er Cassellholme and its Foundation when you:

  • Make financial donations

  • Remember a loved one at time of his/her death

  • Prepare your will or help prepare the will of a family member

  • Wish to celebrate some special event or anniversary by giving, thereby enriching the lives of others   

The Cassellholme Foundation is a not-for-profit registered foundation that has established as its prime goal, the support of quality living at Cassellholme.

Tax receipts are issued for all donations of $10.00 or more. For further information, call ext. 224 or drop by the General Store.

Entertaining Friends and Visitors

You are most welcome to have friends and family of all ages visit you anytime during the day or evening.  Pets are also welcome if they are on a leash and well behaved.   

If you require private time and space, arrangements can be made by contacting the Unit Support Assistant. Several rooms are available for private family functions, free of charge.  “Do Not Disturb” signs are also available from nursing staff.  Family may remain with you 24






sellholme is a licensed establishment under the Liquor License Act.

Residents may have a small amount of alcoholic beverage in their room for personal use (excessive use of alcohol is











t Ca

ssellholme activities where alcohol is served, residents and visitors are limited to two drinks.  Please note that staff are not allowed to purchase or provide alcohol to res





assellholme operates a General Store located on the main floor and is open Monday - Friday. The General Store stocks a variety of snack foods, gifts and other items for your convenience. Cigarettes can be ordered through the General Store weekly and are distributed.

The General Store is also the site for resident’s safekeeping accounts and general information.

Additional hot and cold beverages are available for purchase any time from the kitchenettes on units. There are also vending machines with beverages and snacks located across from the General Store.

Hairdressing/Barber Services

Hairdressing and barber services are available on the main floor Tuesday to Friday, at reasonable prices.  Appointments are necessary.

Telephone & Cable Television

Telephones and televisions with cable coverage are located throughout Cassellholme for your enjoyment. 

For telephone service in resident rooms, contact the Resident Accounts Coordinator for installation and billing agreement.   

Television cable hookup in resident rooms and fees are the responsibility of the resident and/or family.


The mail is delivered to the General Store and distributed to the resident units daily. Stamps are available for purchase and letters can be weighed at the General Store during normal business hours. Canada Post boxes are available outside the front entrance.


Large print books are available in the Apple Street Library. Many other reading materials such as newspapers and magazines are also available. Through the North Bay Public Library, a “shut-in” service is also available and “Talking Books” are delivered for CNIB clients.


The North Bay Nugget can be purchased from the General Store, or you can arrange to have newspapers of your choice delivered to your room, at your expense.    


Safety & Security 


Risk Management

Risk management is an important component of Cassellholme’s operation. Risk management activities include all those strategies designed to reduce and control actual or potential risks to the safety, security, welfare and health of residents, staff, volunteers and visitors or to the safety and security of the facility.

Staff are committed to minimizing safety and security risks and provide a hazard free environment for all at Cassellholme. 

The building is equipped with a video camera security system, electronic door locks and a security firm patrols the Home each night. Several staff committees oversee the safe operation of the facility.

All electrical equipment will be checked by the maintenance department to ensure that it meets safety standards. A fluorescent red dot will be attached to the electrical equipment (examples radios, TV, lamps, etc) indicating that it has been inspected. No cooking appliances or electrical extension cords are p




Cassellholme is equipped with many features designed to provide for maximum protection in the event of fire.  It is divided into zones protected by fire doors, which close automatically in the event of a fire.  Heat, smoke detectors and sprinklers are located throughout the building. Monthly fire drills are conducted to ensure that staff and residents are familiar with fire emergency procedures. If the alarm sounds, residents and visitors are asked to remain in their rooms, or wherever they are at the time, and then follow the directions of the staff that are well trained in fire procedures







Cassellholme is committed to the provision of a safe and healthy environment for both residents and staff. Please do not use scented personal care products, perfumes or aftershave. Others may have severe allergies to scented products.


If wandering is identified as risk behaviour, either in the pre-admission assessment, the 24-hour assessment or the care plan process then the care plan will direct the staff on strategies to be implemented.

The resident/family will receive education about the “Roam Alert” system that is used in Cassellholme. A consent form needs to be signed by the POA

Roam Alert

The Roam Alert is to allow freedom of movement and enhance the safety of the resident.

If a resident wearing a bracelet goes through an exit door, an alarm will sound. The system will identify which door has set off the alarm and which resident has used the door.

Family members, staff and volunteers are trained in the use of the keypad to deactivate it, so that residents may be taken off the unit or outside without the alarm sounding.

A Security System on exit doors allows residents who may wander to have the freedom of movement while ensuring their safety.  If the alarm should sound the staff have been instructed to respond accordingly.


Under the SMOKE FREE ONTARIO ACT,   Ontario Regulation – 48/06 smoking is no longer permitted anywhere inside the building. The only designated smoking area, for the residents, is the outside patio area in the Oval Garden. Smoking aprons and fire safety equipment are available in the smoking area. Each resident is cautioned to store their smoking equipment safely.

The Tobacco Contro1 Act prohibits individuals to smoke at any entrance to the building.  Residents who smoke in non-designated areas or otherwise smoke unsafely will receive a letter addressing the violation and the consequences of continuing unsafe smoking practices. Smoking privileges will be restricted. Smoking materials will be confiscated and kept at the nursing station.  Continued unsafe smoking practices that put the individual at risk, as well as the other residents, will result in the resident being asked to make alternate living arrangements and to leave Cassellholme.


Articles of significant value, either monetary or sentimental, should not be brought to Cassellholme. Large amounts of money should be deposited in safekeeping at the General Store. Money should not be kept in resident rooms. Cassellholme does not assume responsibility for missing articles. 

It is recommended that residents arrange for private insurance coverage (tenant) for loss or damage of personal items while at Cassellholme as this type of coverage is not provided by Cassellholme’s liability insurance coverage.

All personal items including dentures, eyeglasses, hearing aides, electric razors must be marked with your name where possible. The serial number of equipment should be submitted to be noted on your file.  Concerns about missing items need to be identified as soon as possible to the RN Supervisor so that staff may assist in tracing the whereabouts.

Services Provided Free of Charge

Programs and services coordinated through the Home and provided free of charge include:

  1. Prescription drugs and treatments listed in the Drug Benefit Formulary. A dispensing fee of $2.00 per prescription is charged in particular situations.
  2. Non-prescription drugs, medication and treatment products, and supplies obtained through Ontario Government Pharmaceutical and Medical Supply Service when obtained at no cost to Cassellholme. 
  3. Some special preparations or medical devices may be obtained from the Ontario Drug Benefit Program with special authorization.
  4. Nursing and personal care on a 24-hour basis, including care given by or under the supervision of a Registered Nurse, the administration of medications, treatments and assistance with activities of daily living.
  5. Medical care provided by the Medical Director or delegate or your attending Physician (attending Physicians must meet the standards and criteria for attending Physicians).
  6. Equipment for general use including:  air mattresses, wheelchairs, geriatric chairs, canes, walkers, toilet aids and other self-help aids for the activities of daily living. There is no charge for insured devices, equipment supplies and services available through the Home Care Program.
  7. Medical devices, such as catheters and colostomy and ilieostomy devices.
  8. Restorative Therapy & Supplies (eating devices)
  9. Supplies and equipment for personal hygiene and grooming, including skin care lotions, shampoos, soap, deodorant, toothpaste, toothbrushes, denture cups, toilet tissue, facial tissue, combs, razors, shaving cream.  In addition, disposable products to manage incontinence are provided.
  10. High intensity needs are addressed through special Ministry application.
  11. Social, recreational and physical activities.
  12. Social Work Services available to advocate on behalf of the residents or to provide one to one counseling.
  13. Laundry, including labeling, machine washing, drying and delivery of personal clothing.
  14. Beds, bed rails, bedside table, chair, bedding and linen, fire resistant mattress and pillows. Residents are encouraged to provide any other furnishings (eg. dresser, clock, radio, television, etc…) to personalize their room.
  15. Standard/basic accommodation.
  16. Cleaning of accommodations.
  17. Use of appropriate room for family gatherings.






Cassellholme (705) 474-4250
Chief Executive Officer Ext: 233
Chief Financial Officer Ext: 224
Director of Clinical Services Ext: 243
​Director of Human Resources ​Ext. 295
​Director of Operations ​Ext. 290
Nursing Office - Willow Ext: 256
Nursing Office - Birch Ext: 252
Nursing Office - Apple/Maple Ext: 247
Manager - Infection Control/Health & Safety Ext: 293
Manager - Clinical Standards Ext: 232
Pastoral Care Coordinator Ext: 225
Restorative Therapist Ext: 253
Manager - Maintenance Ext: 242
Manager - Support Services (Housekeeping/Laundry/NFS) Ext: 274
Supervisor - Support Services (Nutrition & Food Services) Ext: 236
Registered Nurse Ext. 217
Registered Dietician Ext. 281
Manager - Activities & Adult Day Program Ext: 223
Residents Accounts Assistant Ext: 227
Resident Services Coordinator Ext: 311
Activity Leader Ext: 341
Activity Leader - Willow & Maple Street Ext: 228
Activity Leader - Birch (incl. Cherry Lane) & Apple Street Ext: 235
Hairdresser Ext: 269


Residents' Bill of Rights

For the residents of Licensed Nursing homes and Approved Charitable and Municipal Homes for the Aged.

These facilities are primarily the home of their residents. As such they are to be operated in such a way that the psychological, social, cultural, and spiritual needs of each resident are met. Furthermore, each resident should be given the opportunity to contribute, in accordance with his or her ability to the physical, psychological, social, cultural, and spiritual needs of others. The following rights of residents are to be fully respected and promoted:

  1. Every resident has the right To be treated with courtesy and respect and in a way that fully recognizes the resident's dignity and individuality and to be free from mental and physical abuse.
  2. Every resident has the right To be properly sheltered, fed, clothed, groomed, and cared for in a manner consistent with his or her needs.
  3. Every resident has the right To be told who is responsible for and who is providing the resident's direct care.
  4. Every resident has the right To be afforded privacy in treatment and in caring for his or her personal needs.
  5. Every resident has the right To keep his or her room and display personal possessions, pictures, and furnishings in keeping with safety requirements and other residents' rights.
  6. Every resident has the right
    1. To be informed of his or her medical condition, treatment, and proposed course of treatment;
    2. To give or refuse consent to treatment, including medication, in accordance with the law and to be informed of the consequences of giving or refusing consent; 
    3. To have the opportunity to participate fully in making any decision and obtaining an  independent medical opinion concerning any respect of his or her care, including his or her admission, discharge or transfer to or from a home; and
    4. To have his or her medical records kept confidential in accordance with the law.
  7. Every resident has the right To receive reactivation and assistance towards independence consistent with his or her requirements
  8. Every resident Who is being considered for restraints has the right to be fully informed about the procedures and the consequences of receiving or refusing them.
  9. Every resident has the right To communicate in confidence, to receive visitors of his or her choice, and consult in private with any person without interference.
  10. Every resident Whose death is likely to be imminent has the right to have members of the resident's family present twenty four hours per day.
  11. Every resident has the right To designate a person to receive information concerning any transfer or emergency hospitalization of the resident and where a person is so designated to have that person so informed herewith.
  12. Every resident has the right To exercise rights of a citizen and to raise concerns or recommend changes in policies and services on behalf of himself or herself or others to the residents' council, facility staff, government officials, or any person inside or outside the home, without fear of restraint, interference, coercion, discrimination, or reprisal.
  13. Every resident has the right To form friendships, to enjoy relationships, and to participate in the residents' council.
  14. Every resident has the right To meet privately with his or her spouse in a room that assures privacy and where both spouses are residents in the same home, they have a right to share a room according to their wishes, if an appropriate room is available.
  15. Every resident has the right To pursue social, cultural, religious, and other interests, to develop his or her potential and to be given reasonable provisions by the home to accommodate these pursuits.
  16. Every resident has the right To be informed in writing of any law, rule, or policy affecting the operation of the home and of the procedures for initiating complaints.
  17. Every resident has the right To manage his or her own financial affairs where the resident is able to do so, and where the resident's financial affairs are managed by the home, to receive a quarterly accounting of any transactions undertaken on his or her behalf and to be assured that the resident's property is managed solely on the resident's behalf.
  18. Every resident has the right To live in a safe and clean environment.
  19. Every resident has the right To be given access to protected areas outside the home in order to enjoy outdoor activity, unless the physical setting makes this impossible.

Family Council

Family Council is a group of family members and friends of residents in a long-term care facility that meet on a regular basis.

The benefits of a Family Council are:

  • Allows families to give other support, encouragement, and information they need.

  • Council involvement helps provide family members with an opportunity to express their ideas.

  • Allows for establishing meaningful lines or communication.

  • Residents benefit from the council's efforts to improve the quality of life in the facility.

Regular Meetings

A staff liaison from the facility is appointed to support the family council.

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