Volunteer News and Events

International Volunteer Day

International Volunteer Day, as recognized by the United Nations, is December 5th.  This is a day set aside to recognize and appreciate volunteers around the world.

National Volunteer Week

A week set aside in April to recognize Canadian volunteers who so graciously contribute to our communities and people in need.

Upcoming dates for National Volunteer Week:

  • 2007 – April 15 to 21
  • 2008 – April 27 to May 3
  • 2009 – April 19 to 25
  • 2010 – April 18 to 24

Ontario Volunteer Service Awards 

Each year a maximum of six volunteers from individual organizations can receive their volunteer pin and recognition from the Government of Ontario. Adult volunteers require a minimum of five years of continuous service with one organization to qualify; the pins are given out in five-year intervals thereinafter.

The youth volunteer award requires two years of continuous service with one organization.

Cassellholme Annual Volunteer Appreciation Gala 

A night of fun and entertainment provided by Cassellholme to recognize our many great volunteers! A wonderful evening to socialize while we wait on you!

Volunteer Services

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